About the author

Front-end developer with back-end experience

15+ years of experience in web-development

I want to make the web beautiful with intuitive design

Front-end Web developer with experience in converting business requirements into technical solutions by analyzing, designing, coding, testing and supporting your platform.

Objective: I am inspired and ambitious to build beautiful functional intelligent websites with a position or project that is both challenging and rewarding. I want to utilize my knowledge and abilities to promote a business’s growth.

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery
Angular Bootstrap WordPress Drupal
PHP MySql MariaDB Web Mining
Apache nginx SAAS LESS
SEO Intuitive Design Mobile First Slack

Front-End Development

I believe a great design makes a great impression and the first impression matters the most. I provide my skills in using the latest in HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, PHP and any other web technologies to transform a static project into a fully functional interface. Whether you need an WordPress or Bootstrap template, a style guide, or updating existing applications, if it involves the magical web, I am that wizard to make it happen.

Back-End Development

Every structure needs a foundation. Whether you need to build yours with open source or closed source, I have the experience with both from PHP, Apache, MySQL, MariaDB, Wordpress, IIS to SQL Server. I'm always open in learning any web technologies that could help complete the project effectively.

Responsive & Adaptive design

The majority of the web is being seen from our mobile devices. So we must reform and make those screen sizes display the content in a readable form. My philosophy is to develop mobile first and make every other breaking point look good. I use a grid system like Bootstrap, CSS3 media queries, or JavaScript to be adaptive and/or responsive.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing, e-mail direct marketing and so on are becoming more and more common in our advancing technology and businesses. Along a nice designed and responsive front-end and a fast/scalable back-end, busineses need a digital marketing strategy that brings constant and rising profit along with continuity.

Your successful digital marketing strategy and your website is a "forever work in progress" model. Your website, your social media presence, your search engine optimisation (SEO) and your email marketing are not campaigns with a start and an end date, they are dynamic, living things that change and evolve with the business and its audience. Digital marketing (as opposed to online advertising) is all about testing and optimisation. What "optimisation" means is many, regular, small changes that are made very deliberately, to see how the user responds.

To be able to report positive growth online, year on year, your business must commit to constant optimisation of your digital marketing strategies, your digital platforms and your creative executions. I worked with strategies that led unpopular, unknown companies to leaders in their niche with constant digital marketing and adaptive tactics.